Vernacular Geography Boost

Following The English Project's 'Location Lingo' initiative which was carried out jointly with with Ordnance Survey to collect nicknames for local features in the landscape ( see Location Lingo ), OS has recently launched its mapping database of commonly used coastal nicknames.

The OS project, known as FINTAN was carried out with the Maritima and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and has taken 5 years to collect over 6,000 nicknames of features such as headlands, beaches, rocks and islands. The aim is to assist coastguards and 999 operators to determine the location of incidents reported by people who may not be familiar with the official names of coastal features.

To date the new vernacular mapping database only covers the south coast of England but the Ordanace Survey team is keen to expand the mapping to include inland nicknames too - including the thousands of names contributed through our 'Location Lingo' programme.

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