Chris Mulvey Addresses the English Speaking Union of Paris

The English Project's Professor Chris Mulvey was invited to the Mairie of the 7th Arrondissement last week, to address the English Speaking Union of Paris. Chris had been honoured with a return invitation; it had only been two years since his last lecture at the Union. On that occasion his entertaining topic had been 'Shakespeare, the French Poet?'

This time Chris explored 'Women and the English Language' - the English Project's 2018 Annual Theme. His talk began in 1903, when Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters founded the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU), and he followed their story and that of many other women who campaigned, visibly, loudly and illegally in the interest of women's suffrage. In 1918, when votes were eventually granted to women, it was a limited suffrage but was none-the-less a signal moment. One hundred years later, Chris listened to that voice and considered the ways in which language had given it shape. He addressed the issues in terms of the English language but also offered some French reflections too.

Read the text of Chris's address here:

The attached picture shows Chris with the President and Secretary of the Englsh Speaking Union of Paris