The English Project launches new WWI teaching resource for English Language Day

The English Project teaching resource

Primarily aimed at students of A-level English Language, this thought-provoking material looks at two samples of World War I -related text: a soldier's personal diary from 1914 and a recruitment poster from 1916.

Exercises encourage students to think analytically about the way that the diary is written and how this differs from our use of English today. There is also a focus on how the War was a catalyst for the coining of new slang and jargon - and how this process is still responsible for the creation of new words, the most 'successful' of which are added to the OED every year.

The recruitment poster was designed to encourage men to sign-up for military service before the introduction of conscription.  It is fascinating, both in its design and use of language, and students are encouraged to explore these aspects.

If you choose to use this material for teaching on or around English Language Day, or if you are student who used it as part of your studies, then please let us know what you thought about it (and respond to our challenge about words which you think have been influenced by war!).

The English Project is grateful to the Somerset Military Museum Trust and the Somerset Heritage Centre for their assistance and for permission to use these historical documents.

The material was designed by Marcus Barrett, Head of English at Richard Huish School, Taunton and Alissa Harvey, a student of English Language at Bay House Sixth Form, Gosport.

Download your copy of the teaching resource below:

PDF icon ELD 2014 Lang of War Download.pdf526.1 KB