Language Museum Could Go On Sports Centre Site

HAMPSHIRE CHRONICLE: An ambitious scheme to build an English language museum in Hampshire could combine with a new sports centre.

Winchester City Council wants to demolish River Park Leisure Centre and replace it with a new complex on the same site. Now volunteers leading the English Project want to share the new building and make River Park a cultural and sporting landmark.

Professor Bill Lucas, one of the trustees, said: “It’s a very good location and we are in discussion with the council. Option one for us would be for a world class sports centre at Bar End so we could use whatever space is left as an exciting cultural centre.

“But if River Park is rebuilt on-site there is no reason why we could not move in. I think a deal could be made. If we combine a major cultural centre and a world class sports complex I think it would be quite compelling for visitors.”

The English Project initially wanted to use Woolstaplers Hall, a Victorian redbrick warehouse, as part of the Silver Hill development but plans fell through because of a lack of space.

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