English Language Day: Bill Lucas on BBC Breakfast

English Project Bill Lucas on BBC Breakfast

Prof Bill Lucas appeared on the BBC's flagship Breakfast programme on English Language Day (Sunday 13th October). Bill chatted with presenters Naga Munchetty and John Kay about the significance of the date of English Language Day, which commemorates the 13th October 1362 when Parliament was opened for the first time in English.  He also discussed the English Project's latest initiative: to gather from the public, landmark locations which have had an impact on the way we speak English today.  Bill mentioned many places worldwide, which he believed bore the footprints of linguistic development and he posed the questions to John & Naga: 'Where was Tim Berners-Lee when he invented the worldwide web, where was Facebook invented and where was the first text sent from?'

With the Chancellor, George Osborne, and London Mayor, Boris Johnson, currently visiting China, the questioning also explored whether Mandarin rather than English, might not become a more significant global language in the future.  

Naga also expressed her prejudice against the coining of new words such as 'chillaxing' - 'Naga, you're not embracing the times!' Bill told her.

Watch Bill's appearance on BBC Breakfast.

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