Brighton Victorious in English Language Challenge

The University of Brighton have retained their title over the University of Winchester as winners of the ‘University English Language Challenge’. 

The Brighton team consisted of Linguistics second and third year students: Ashley Phillis, Jodie Baines, Liz Earle, Scott Mitchell, Sevinç Buz and Sophie Mills and the event was led and organised by tutors Sarah Varney-Burch and Dr Kathy Watts. Commenting on the win contestant Sophie Mills said "We are delighted to say that we won with a score of 45 points over Winchester’s 35!"

Victorious Brighton team celebrate their victory in the English Language Challenge.

The quiz, which took place on 11 December at Brighton's Falmer campus, was based on David Crystal’s Encyclopaedia of the English Language with questions ranging from the history of the English language to the sound system. The quiz was compiled of questions written by tutors from both Brighton and Winchester as well as from The English Language project based in Winchester.

Sarah Varney- Burch, english language subject group Leader at Brighton, said the team had had a “resounding victory” and that the students were “Fantastically strong and did us all proud.”

Brighton won the English Language Challenge against Winchester two years ago causing Winchester’s 2012 team to fight fiercely for this year’s winner’s title, holding onto the lead at the halfway point of the quiz. The Winchester team also had overwhelming support from their peers who travelled by coach to see them compete against Brighton. Audience member and english language and linguistics student at Brighton, Lucy Amsden said “It got a bit tense in the middle when Winchester took the lead but that made the victory all the more sweet.”

The Brighton team were awarded books donated by Routledge Publishers and £25 Amazon gift vouchers as an extra gift from Brighton School of Humanities Head, Dr Paddy Maguire. The University of Winchester team have expressed interest in a rematch with Brighton next year.

Image: University of Brighton team at the English Language Challenge.

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