Lay the Law Down

Launched in October 2009, Lay the Law Down gives anyone the chance to be a Lawmaker for a Day! It was designed to tie in with English Language Day 2009 with its theme of English as the language of Law.

Many people think that the law is written in a version of the English language that no-one – except, of course, lawyers - can understand. So here’s your chance to do a better job

You are invited to lay the law down in one hundred words or fewer.

We are throwing a wide net for ideas to cover the full spectrum from the wise and wonderful to the weird and wacky. Your idea could be to lower the speed limit for Chelsea Tractors or to raise the quality of jokes in Christmas crackers. We want them all.

We are also open to ideas for national legislation for the whole country or local legislation covering your city, town or county.

But in order to gain the assent of the English Project Supreme Court your proposed law must be expressed with

  • clarity so that we understand exactly what the law is about without use of jargon
  • precision so that there are no grey areas or ambiguity about who the law applies to or in what circumstances.

We also want suggested penalties so that the punishment fits the crime.

Now all you have to do is start legislating...