What we are

One English Language in two billion flavours: which is yours?

The English Project promotes awareness and understanding of the unfolding global story of the English language in all its varieties – past, present and future. We try to present ideas about English in an intelligent, entertaining, inclusive and interactive way. Our hope is that a greater understanding and enjoyment of English can enrich people’s lives and enable them to make more of the exceptional cultural and communications phenomenon which English has become. We intend to reach a broadly-based audience, globally, socially, ethnically and by age amongst English’s two billion speakers worldwide (that's as a first or second language).

The English Project is a registered charity developing a programme of activities and projects. These will evolve over time and as opportunity presents. We use a variety of media – exhibitions (permanent, temporary and travelling), books, websites, broadcasting, discussions, debates, surveys and educational initiatives – to bring the stories of English alive.

Our long-term flagship project is the creation of a visitor attraction devoted to the English language. Based in Winchester, Hampshire, UK, the centre will have a format that can be replicated and customised globally. The new Centre will tell the stories of Englishes as they evolve globally as well as acting as a stimulus for economic development in the cultural and creative industries in the south of England and wherever in the world similar Centres are built.