Kitchen Table Lingo

When the English Project launched a collection of what we called Kitchen Table Lingo in the summer of 2008 we had no idea that we were opening the door to such a whirlwind of words. They poured into our little kitchen through the windows, the doors - and some even through the catflap – at such a rate that we were overwhelmed by the influx.

The media took up the idea with great relish and countless local radio stations, newspapers and even TV channels across the UK (and further afield) threw themselves into it with great gusto. In fact, there were so many demands on us by the media we sometimes felt quite frangled about it all. We were so busy that we sometimes ended the day just dumping our clothes on the floordrobe.

Of course, though, it was gratifying to see such interest and enthusiasm. For a news story it showed remarkable resilience. But, like everything else, the media then moved on after a couple of weeks to something else. And quite right too. After all there’s a credit crunch and a financial crisis to berwyn on about.

Never hear of frangled, floordrobe or berwyn? Then get a copy of Kitchen Table Lingo! We couldn’t afford to let this marvellous collection of words go to waste so we published them! (If you’ve not bought it yet then don’t hold back! You’ll enjoy it. No belming!) Kitchen Table Lingo is a tribute to the daily inventiveness, creativity and imagination of ordinary English speakers crafting words for themselves

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