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The English Project promotes awareness and understanding of the unfolding global story of the English language in all its varieties – past, present and future. We try to present ideas about English in an intelligent, entertaining, inclusive and interactive way. Our hope is that a greater understanding and enjoyment of English can enrich people’s lives and enable them to make more of the exceptional cultural and communications phenomenon which English has become. We intend to reach a broadly-based audience, globally, socially, ethnically and by age amongst English’s two billion speakers worldwide (that's as a first or second language).

December: The Woman's Page

In twentieth-century newspapers, ‘The Woman’s Page’ was devoted to childcare, cookery, housework, knitting, fashion, hairstyles, and makeup. It was for wives to enjoy after husbands had done with the news and sport. The Woman’s Page was a textual extension of the Gilded Cage. That was not something where women were happy to be held, even in 1900. Then the popular song was: ‘She’s only a bird in a gilded cage, /A beautiful sight to see, / You may think she’s happy and free from care, / She’s not, though she seems to be.’ Inside and outside gilded cages, women had been writing their own pages for as long as they had been able to write. For the English language, how long was that? ... READ MORE


The English Project's Professor Chris Mulvey was invited to the Mairie of the 7th Arrondissement last week, to address the English Speaking Union of Paris. Chris had been honoured with a return invitation; it had only been two years since his last... Read more
Since The English Project launched its campaign 'A History of the English Language in 100 Places' to identify the top 100 places worldwide which have have had the greatest influence on the English we speak today, the 'top 100 places' idea... Read more
Following The English Project's 'Location Lingo' initiative which was carried out jointly with with Ordnance Survey to collect nicknames for local features in the landscape ( see Location Lingo ), OS has recently launched its mapping database... Read more
The Eurotales Conference of International Language Museums, February, 2017: The people behind 10 language museums met in the splendour of the restored chapel of San Jacopo at the Istituto Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, to share experiences on... Read more
English Review Cover
Professor Chrsitopher Mulvey has been invited to write an article for English Review journal following his 2016 monthly English Project Shakespeare blogs.  The journal, published by Hodder Education, is aimed at A-Level English Literature... Read more