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History of English Language in 100 Places
We’ve had our say in 'A History of the English Language in 100 Places'. From Peterborough to Poldhu; from Lichfield to Liverpool; from Bruges to Boston USA; from Salford to Singapore there are many places across the world which we consider are landmarks for the English language. Now we want you to share your landmark places, the locations where you see linguistic footprints connected to English today.

Landmark of the Week

Westminster 1362

On 13 October 1362, the Chancellor of England for the first time opened the Houses of Parliament with a speech in English.  That event took place in the City of Westminster because it was the city of royal power. It was located in walking distance of ,... Read more


SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (27 October 2013): p18.  A project tells the story of the English language through 100 locations, starting in Suffolk and ending in Vienna - with stops in Hastings, Beijing and the moon along the way. From a piece of... Read more
English Project Bill Lucas on BBC Breakfast
Prof Bill Lucas appeared on the BBC's flagship Breakfast programme on English Language Day (Sunday 13th October). Bill chatted with presenters Naga Munchetty and John Kay about the significance of the date of English Language Day, which commemorates... Read more
English Language 100 Places Landmarks
‘What a brilliant idea! I love this book. Its structure is ingenious, its content endlessly fascinating. There are many ways to display the history of a language, especially one with such a rich history as English, and this is one of the most... Read more